Giving New Zealand high school students the tools and strategies to pass their NCEA exams and become life-long learners

Welcome to AECN Education

AECN Education's values

The New Zealand education system isn’t perfect. 

The quality of the education a student receives depends so much on classroom experiences; the behaviour of other students, the teacher and the learning activities. 

NCEA is packed with content and teachers have to move through the topics too quickly. Students aren’t given the time to consolidate their learning and are left trying to memorise thousands of facts. 

Smaller schools often don’t have access to specialist chemistry teachers with the knowledge and experience to help their students understand NCEA chemistry. 

What makes AECN Education different?

AECN Education lets every student in New Zealand learn from a passionate, experienced Chemistry teacher. The online resources bring the chemistry classroom into every students home, no matter where they live or which school they attend.

It aims to empower students with the skills to learn independently. Students who understand how to learn feel prepared and confident to sit their NCEA exams. More importantly, they are are able to use these skills to continue learning throughout their lifetime.

There won’t always be a teacher there to break a subject down into key points and present the information. Learning how to learn means your teenager will always be able to do this for themselves.


Students are learning from a qualified, experienced chemistry teacher

You can be confident all content is prepared and delivered by a passionate teacher with 8 years experience. This means your teenager is learning from someone with a thorough understanding of the NCEA Chemistry curriculum and how students learn.


Focused on teaching study and exam strategies so students can learn independently

Teachers struggle to get through all of the content before exams. There is rarely extra time to teach study and exam strategies effectively. AECN Education provides workshops that give all New Zealand students an opportunity to learn these valuable skills.

What students are saying about AECN Education

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into teaching me this year! I have really enjoyed your teaching style and the enthusiasm in which I have been taught. I have felt well prepared for all of my standards and hopefully will do you proud in my external exams.

Thank you for making my education in science fun. I appreciate that you always tell me what I need to do to improve my results.

You always encouraged me to think for myself and try to work out the answers.

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The AECN Education YouTube channel is dedicated to helping NCEA students improve how they study, develop exam strategies and understand NCEA Chemistry.

New videos are uploaded every week and cover

  • all of the topics in the NCEA Level 2 and 3 Chemistry externals
  • how to create study timetables (and actually stick to them)
  • what to do in the lead up to exams so students are prepared and in the best mindset
  • how to answer NCEA questions for merit and excellence

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Successful Study Strategies Suited to YOU

An online, self-paced workshop giving students the study skills they need in 2022


Does your teenager know how to study?

The Successful Study Strategies online workshop focuses on study strategies that have been scientifically proven to work.

Never again will your teenager waste time reading and highlighting their notes only to get into their exam and realise they can’t remember what they studied.

Students trial a range of study strategies to find which ones work best for them.

Once they complete the workshop they will know exactly what to do when they sit down to study.

Help your teen get rewarded for their effort with the grades they deserve.

The Online NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Classroom

For Achievement Standard 2.4 Structure and Bonding


Now it no longer matters if your teenager’s school only offers chemistry through correspondence or if they missed the teaching for an entire external due to sickness, moving schools or going on holiday.

The Online Chemistry Classroom lets students learn Achievement Standard 2.4 -Structure and Bonding- when they want, where they like, as often as they need.

NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Structure and Bonding Videos

Video lessons taught by an experienced chemistry teacher

Short videos of 10 minutes or less teaching every concept in A.S 2.4 – Structure and Bonding.

  • Introduced in an order that allows students to build on their current knowledge.
  • Videos are prepared and delivered by a passionate teacher who understands the curriculum and how students learn.
A phone with the resources for NCEA Level 2 Chemistry 91164 external

Learning activities and resources in one place

Packed full of resources that help students understand A.S 2.4 Structure and Bonding.

  • Essential notes for every key point
  • Worksheets to help them learn.
  • Quizzes to quickly check their understanding.
  • Effective revision activities to help them study for exams.
Student learning NCEA Chemistry A.S 2.4 on an ipad

A complete classroom available 24/7 on any device

With the Online Chemsitry Classroom students have 24/7 access to quality chemistry lessons.

  • The videos, notes, activities and quizzes can be viewed and completed on any device.
  • Your teen will always have a chemistry classroom in their hand.
  • Easily review or catch up on a lesson from anywhere in the world