The NCEA Level 2 Online Chemistry Classroom

All the resources students need to pass Achievement Standard 2.4 -Strucutre and Bonding. Available 24/7, on any device.

Please use your teenager’s name and email address in the details section.

What is The NCEA Level 2 Online Chemistry Classroom?


The Online Chemistry Classroom is available for NCEA Level 2 Achievement Standard 2.4 Structure and Bonding.

It gives students access to everything they need to pass the paper in their exam. 

Students get 24/7 access to video lessons taught by an experienced chemistry teacher, essential notes, learning activities, quizzes and revision activities. 

This lets them learn chemistry when they want, where they like and as often as they need. 

Never again will your teenager be disadvantaged when they miss a lesson due to sickness or a trip.

Even better, all of the resources inside The Online Chemistry Classroom can be viewed on any device. Students can learn chemistry from their phone, meaning their classroom is always in their hand!

Why enrol your teenager in The NCEA Level 2 Online Chemistry Classroom?

The NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Online Classroom makes it easy for students to commit to learning chemistry regularly, so they can enter their exam prepared and confident.

Video Lessons and Essential Notes

The online classroom has video lessons that teach all of the content in the Achievement Standard. These videos are created by a chemistry teacher with over 7 years experience. You can be confident your teenager is learning from a qualified, experienced and passionate chemistry teacher.

Each lesson also includes the essential notes, with pictures. Students can choose whether they want to learn by watching videos, reading notes, or a combination of both. 

Picture of the how to draw Lewis diagrams lesson

Learning Activities, Quizzes and Revision Material

I have included the best learning activities from my last seven years teaching chemistry. These activities help students understand the key points. 

Each lesson finishes with a quiz, so students can know quickly whether or not they have understood the focus of that lesson. They won’t have to wait until their result from the end of topic test or school exam before knowing exactly what they still need to revise. 

There is a range of revision activities to save students time. They can quickly download an activity and begin their study. This takes away the overwhelm of figuring out what to study and how, letting students learn more from their time studying. The revision activities focus on the key content from the Achievement Standard, so students don’t waste time revising irrelevant information.  

Learning activities in The NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Online Classroom

Students have everything they need to understand the structure and bonding external and could pass their exam without ever attending class! 

This makes The Online Chemistry Classroom perfect for students who change schools during the year and miss the teaching for Achievement Standard 2.4. With their chemistry classroom now online they no longer have to choose between dropping the Achievement Standard and trying to teach themselves from a textbook.

Please use your teenager’s name and email address in the details section.

Included in The Online Chemistry Classroom

A chemistry classroom at home

All the benefits of attending class without the distractions, so students can learn NCEA chemistry at any time. The online classroom is packed with videos teaching all of the content and accompanying notes, so students can choose how they learn. It has everything needed to prepare for and pass the exam, even if they have missed all of the teaching time at school.


Online quizzes and learning activities

Each lesson focuses on one key concept and includes a short video and key notes, as well as worksheets and activities to help students understand the content covered. There are quizzes so students can quickly assess their understanding. Revision activities are also included, which students can use to prepare for their exam.

Access from any device

With a chemistry classroom on their phone, ipad, chromebook, laptop or computer, it doesn’t matter if they go on holiday, are absent due to sickness, or have moved schools and have missed the teaching for an external. Never again will your teenager be left trying to understand someone else’s notes! They can attend a lesson anywhere, anytime, and easily repeat the lesson as often as they need.

How I can help your teenager

Kia ora! If we haven’t met, I am Aimee Elliot, a chemistry teacher in New Zealand.

Why I created The Online Chemistry Classroom

Working as both a chemistry teacher in a public high school and a chemistry tutor, I have seen the benefits and disadvantages of both. 

The teaching of each Achievement Standard is structured in a classroom, and all content is covered. Tutoring is often used to ‘plug gaps’ the student is aware of, meaning there can still be missing pieces. This impacts their understanding of the topic, as well as their results if the ‘missing pieces’ are tested in the exam.

Specialist chemistry teachers can be hard for school’s to find so students are often left learning from a teacher who does not have a deep understanding of the subject. Classrooms can have up to 32 students in them, sometimes more. That gives the teacher less than two minutes of time with each student, assuming they don’t spend any time actually teaching. A chemistry tutor gives each student the time they need with a chemistry expert, to ask their questions and understand each topic. 

But, in both cases, once the lesson is over it cannot be repeated. Students must rely on their notes and these can be hard to interpret when they are revising the lesson months later.

The Online NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Classroom came from my desire to help all students understand and love chemistry no matter where in NZ they live.

I am passionate about NCEA Chemistry and all of the career opportunites that come from learning it. 

My Qualifications and Experience

I studied Genetics and Biochemistry at Massey University. In 2011, I completed my Bachelor of Science and went on to gain my Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, after working in a Biochemistry Laboratory for the summer.

Over the past seven years, I have

  • been the teacher in charge of chemistry 

  • worked with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry writing practice exams for schools throughout New Zealand  

  • held two roles as an NZQA contractor

I have a thorough understanding of both the NCEA chemistry curriculum and the types of questions that are used in NCEA exams. I know exactly what examiners are looking for and I use my knowledge and experience to help students prepare for their exams.

Aimee Elliot NCEA Chemistry Teacher

How I teach

As a qualified, experienced teacher, I understand how students learn. My lessons are engaging and I use models and analogies to help students understand what they are learning. 

I focus on teaching for understanding. Students often tell me that “NCEA is just a test of how many facts they can memorise.” When students understand the topics taught they no longer need to memorise hundreds of facts.

I always explain the chemistry concepts, using a variety of teaching methods, so students understand the topic and aren’t left memorising facts.

Students who understand chemistry can make sense of the world around them and realise its relevance in their everyday lives. It is these changes, that come from understanding chemistry, that develop a student’s love of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an online classroom for the other two externals?

At this stage only the classroom for Achievement Standard 2.4 – Structure and Bonding is available. The online classrooms for 2.5 – Organics and 2.6 Reactivity will open later in the year, if there is enough interest.

When will my teenager get access to the resources?

Your teenager will be able to access everything inside the online classroom as soon as you enrol them. They will have access until the end of the year.

Please note: no refund is available as students get instant access to all of the resources. If you are not sure whether my teaching style will work for your teen, they can try the free lesson below.

Take a sneak peak inside The Online NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Classroom


Are you still not quite sure whether The Online Chemistry Classroom is right for your teen?

They can complete a lesson from inside the classroom for free. This lesson teaches students how to draw Lewis diagrams and will give them an idea of whether the online classroom will  work for them.

Let’s Learn Together!

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