Successful Study Strategies

An Online, Self-Paced Workshop


Give your teenager the knoweldge and confidence to study effectively, so that they can get the grades they need for the future they want.



How the Successful Study Strategies Online Workshop can help your teenager

Student confidently studying using study skills

Students who complete this workshop:


Understand why they need to study

We all know teenagers aren’t going to study just because they are told to. They are far more likely to study if they understand why. This workshop describes how memory works and why studying is a vital part of learning new information.


Know which study strategies actually work and those to avoid

The study strategies covered in this workshop have been proven to increase the amount of new information students are able to remember and recall. No longer will your teenager waste time reading their notes, only to forget everything in their assessment.


Have the confidence to study and sit exams

Students know which study strategies work best for them and how to use these strategies correctly. This removes the overwhelm and uncertainty about studying, so teenagers are less likely to avoid doing it. They will see the benefits of their efforts and develop confidence in their ability to learn. This builds their motivation to keep studying.

Ask your teenager how they study. 

If they say reading, highlighting or re-writing their notes, then this workshop is for them!

Getting your teenager to sit down and study just isn’t enough.

Teenagers can put time and effort into revising. But, if they are using the wrong study strategies, they will struggle to recall the information in the exam. They leave feeling deflated and lose their motivation at school.

The end result is a teenager who believes they are just not good at learning.

It can feel pretty helpless watching your teenager give up on pursuing their dream career because they are just not getting the grades they need in the required subjects.

As a chemistry teacher and tutor in New Zealand I have heard – from countless students – that studying just doesn’t work for them. 

They forget everything within a day or two and can’t recall what they have revised once they are in the exam.

When I ask these students how they study, they always reply with the same answers. 

They are using study strategies that just don’t work!

When students know how to study they finally start to see the results of their effort.

Exam time no longer becomes riddled with stress and anxiety. Students feel prepared for their exams and confident going into them and excited to see their results. 

Unfortunately, not every high school teaches study skills. 

Each subject is packed with things to learn and teachers are often pushed to get through all of the content before exams. Sometimes, teachers have to choose between covering all of the content and teaching study strategies. 

But there is no point giving students more and more information if they don’t know what to do with it.

Picture showing some of the lessons inside the Successful Study Strategies workshop

Included in the Successful Study Strategies Workshop

In this workshop I show teenagers exactly how to study using five different strategies that have been scientifically proven to work. 

It is self-paced and available online, from any device, so students can complete the workshop from anywhere, at any time, using the phone that is always in their hand!

This workshop is split into two sections.

Module 1

  • explains why studying is so important when learning new information 
  • covers why some study strategies just don’t work, so students understand why they forget what they revise. This stops them feeling like there is something wrong with them or their ability to learn.

Module 2

  • is interactive so students have a chance to practise each study strategy
  • has a lesson for each of the five key study strategys, with a video showing how to use that strategy correctly
  • information about random topics is provided so students can practise using the strategies
  • a quick quiz after each lesson helps students identify which study strategies let them learn and remember more information in less time.

Once your teenager completes this workshop they will have the knowledge and confidence to use these study strategies on their own. They will know exactly what to do when they sit down to study. This removes the overwhelm of trying to work out how they are meant to revise all of the information and saves them so much time.

I am Aimee Elliot, an experienced chemistry teacher and tutor in New Zealand.

I first created this workshop as a series of classroom lessons for my science and chemistry students. They loved the lessons. I was surprised by how many students made a point to tell me they were now actually studying for assessments.

The biggest difference I saw was in their confidence. Once my students knew how to study they were willing to give it a go. As they saw the improvement in their grades their motivation to study grew too. I loved watching my students develop study habits and seeing the proud look on their faces as they got their results back. 

Working with students across New Zealand, as a tutor, I have found that most teenagers are lacking study skills. This has made me determined to help all students see the value of studying. 

I created this online workshop to help students who are just not seeing the results of the time and effort they put into studying.


Aimee Elliot NCEA Chemistry Tutor and Teacher

An Added Bonus Module – rewarding students when they finish the Study Strategies workshop

Exam Techniques Puzzle Piece

When it comes to exams, studying is the first piece of the puzzle.

How students approach their exam and demonstrate their understanding is just as important.

This bonus module will make sure they are an expert in both!

Students get access to this bonus module when they complete the workshop.

This encourages students to actually finish the workshop so they can unlock a reward.


Inside the bonus module:

The first lesson covers techniques to help students prepare for exams so they can

👉 Make strategic decisions about the order they will complete the papers in and how much time they will spend on each paper.

The second lesson gives them a plan for how to complete the exam so they can

👉Remove unnecessary stress and get into the right mindset to stay focused on the exam

👉 Ensure their brain is working at its best so they can show what you know.

The third lesson walks them through how to answer exam questions so they

👉 Understand how to answer merit and excellence questions with relevant and detailed answers

👉 Have a useful, easy, trick to instantly improve their proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the workshop take to complete?

To get the most out of this workshop I recommend students complete one lesson every day. 

There are 3 lessons in the first module and each should take about 10 minutes to complete. 

The second module is interactive. Students are shown how to use a study strategy correctly, practise using it and then complete a quiz to see how well it worked for them. For every strategy there is information about a random topic that can be used to practise using the strategy. The quiz is based on the information provided. For the most accurate results students should practise the study strategy one day and return the following day to attempt the quiz, before moving on to the next study strategy. There are four lessons in this module and each lesson should take 20-30 minutes to practise the study strategy.

How long will my teen have access to this workshop?

Your teenager will be able to start the workshop from the moment you enrol them. They will have until the end of the year to complete the workshop. If something comes up and they can’t complete the workshop before then just email me at [email protected] before December 31. I will extend their access to the workshop until January 31.

Will my teenager actually complete this workshop?

Only you and your teenager can answer this. If your teenager refuses to even look at their books at home, then chances are they will not attempt this workshop. Teens who want to do well at school and have tried studying but become frustrated by the lack of results are highly likely to finish the workshop. This is because the lessons are filled with ‘AH-HA’ moments and strategies they can easily implement. Talk with your teenager about whether they think this workshop would benefit them. They can read more about the workshop here.

But I get that life gets in the way. Sometimes students start the workshop and then have to dedicate time to an upcoming internal. It’s easy to forget things when our to-do list becomes too long. Students who haven’t finished the workshop receive an email when they haven’t logged in for a while. This email reminds them of the benefits of the workshop and has been very effective at getting students to log back in and complete it.

What happens if my teenager still has questions after this workshop?

I created this workshop because I am determined to improve the study skills of all New Zealand high school students. Knowing how to study makes a huge difference to how students view education and their ability to learn. Students can submit any questions they have at the end of the workshop. I am happy to email them with the answers to their questions.

* Please use the name and email address of the student when enrolling them in the workshop. This will be used as the login username and password.